Scholarship Application

Thank you for your interest in the IIC Scholarship Program.

The Iowa Institute for Cooperatives will be awarding at least 8 – $2000 scholarships this summer. The awards will be given to students who have had an internship or work experience program at a cooperative who is a member of the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives.  These scholarships are open to all member cooperatives regardless of industry sector or location.

The scholarship is available for both four-year university students and community college students. The student must be enrolled full-time for the fall semester 2021. The educational institution can be in Iowa or out-of-state and there are no requirements on field of study. Once the scholarships have been awarded, we will contact their academic institution and the scholarship funds will be paid directly to the institution.

The completed application packet is due at the IIC office on or before Friday,  August 13, 2021.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Click here for IIC 2021 Scholarship Application

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