About Us

We’re Here for You

Cooperatives provide a proven business model that has fostered economic progress in Iowa for decades. The Iowa Institute for Cooperatives (IIC) has been lighting the way for cooperatives across the state since 1951.

Our members come from a variety of industries, including agriculture, credit unions, rural electric, rural telephone, farm credit, petroleum, and more. We develop educational and training programs for our members, provide timely news updates, and guide legislative actions that build upon the strength of the cooperative system. We also promote new cooperative development and value-added production.

Cooperatives also rely on us for special projects, including:

  • Assistance with board retreats, long-range planning, mergers, consolidations, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring.
  • Resources to help develop new cooperatives, including initial start-up plans, feasibility studies, project coordination, and results analysis.
  • Cooperative benchmarking that provides timely updates to financial performance benchmarks for grain and farm supply cooperatives throughout the Midwest.