Mid Managers Development Phase III & IV

Phase III and IV of the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives Mid Managers Workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 15th and Wednesday, March 16th at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Ames, IA.

This course is designed to improve your mid management staff’s understanding of cooperative principles and practices and enhance management skills in a broad range of practical areas.

Phase III- This session begins with a presentation on employer rights and responsibilities which is always  insightful to the attendees.  The remainder of the day is filled with representatives from government agencies, including Iowa Grain Warehouse Bureau, Iowa DOT and Iowa OSHA.  They discuss the regulations that impact our industry, the required documentation and what to expect when these agencies come to your facility.

Phase IV- This session focuses on customer service and how we interact with those around us whether it is a customer, a co-worker, or management. This session is targeted to the employee who has never been a supervisor and needs to develop the skills needed to be an effective boss.

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