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Job Description

Job Title: Agronomy Location Manager
Reports To: Agronomy Division Manager

Position Objective
To direct, promote, and coordinate agronomy plant operations in a manner that will
optimize the cooperative’s market share and savings, improve the cooperative’s
efficiency, help achieve the cooperative’s mission and goals, and result in outstanding
customer service.

Position Responsibilities
The agronomy location manager’s responsibilities involve supervision, profitability and
sales, reporting, purchasing, inventory, service, maintenance, and other duties as assigned
by the agronomy division manager.
The agronomy location manager will maintain a positive attitude that promotes team
work within the cooperative and a favorable image of the cooperative.

Supervision involves establishing and communicating location goals and results to
employees, staffing the location and delegating the workload, actively supporting
employee growth, and upholding cooperative policies.
Establish and communicate location goals and results to employees
1. Establish location goals with assistance from the agronomy division manager
2. Conduct annual reviews with staff
Staff location and delegate work load to meet market requirements
1. Staff and adjust work force to fit seasonal needs with a minimum of unproductive labor
costs2. Employ seasonal work-sharing arrangements to minimize layoffs and unemployment
compensation costs
Actively support employee growth
1. Schedule and supervise orientation for new location employees
2. Update employees regularly on new product knowledge
3. Identify in writing annually training needed for individual employees
4. Discuss performance monthly with each location employee
5. Complete and administer a yearly merit review with each location employee following
management and human resource approval
6. Stimulate and develop positive morale and team spirit that leads to high productivity
7. Actively work to increase personal skills and knowledge
Uphold cooperative policies
1. Uphold all cooperative policies
2. Ensure that location facilities and equipment meet all federal, state, and OSHA
3. Inform all customers of safe product handling
4. Develop and update a regular maintenance schedule for the location facilities and

Profitability and Sales
Profitability and sales involve establishing and achieving the location’s profitability and
sales goals, and increasing the location’s market share through regular sales efforts.
Establish and achieve location’s profitability and sales goals
The agronomy location manager will establish and achieve the location’s profitability
goals identified in the annual budget.
Increase market share through regular sales efforts
1. Review sales reports monthly with location employees
2 Submit sales call recap monthly to management
4. Ensure location staff have current tools to make successful sales presentations

Required skills

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