Member Benefits

As a member of the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives (IIC), you gain access to many benefits that support your success, including:

Education and Training

  • Training sessions and informational programs geared towards co-op directors and staff, in addition to customized education programs designed for local co-op members.
  • An invitation to IIC’s annual meeting, which includes the popular “think tank” program for co-op managers and directors.
  • Special programs on current issues and challenges affecting Iowa’s co-ops.

Business Development Resources

  • Assistance with board retreats, long-range planning sessions, mergers, consolidation plans, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring.
  • Co-op development services, including guidance on the initial start-up of new companies, feasibility studies, project coordination, and results analysis.
  • Access to trusted consultants in cooperative law, accounting, and other specialties.

Networking Opportunities
Because co-ops are controlled by their members on a democratic basis, they are presented with unique opportunities and challenges. As a member of the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives, you can network with other co-op leaders, find answers to your questions, and receive support from others who understand the issues you are facing.

Legislative Action and Protection
Our members benefit not only from our extensive network of legislative contacts, but our lobbyists, who monitor legislative and regulatory activities to protect cooperative interests. Members also value our willingness to initiate legal and regulatory changes that allow cooperatives to operate more effectively.

News Updates
As a member of the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives, it’s easy to stay current on critical issues in the co-op world. You’ll receive the Co-op-A-Gram, our newsletter that’s mailed and emailed quarterly to member co-ops and their directors; a weekly Legislative Update that tracks the progress of important bills; and special news bulletins to update you on timely topics.

For more information on joining the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives, contact us!